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Apple Country Snowmobile Club is committed to keeping our trails safely groomed and open for all snowmobilers to enjoy. We also love to get together to ride our sleds, and advocate for continued snowmobile access in our area.

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Snowstorms throughout the season make our trails unridable without the continuous help of our snow cat trail groomers and their crew. We make trails safe and smooth to ride so everyone can enjoy their time in the snow.



January 22 Grooming report

Where did we groom today? Glad you asked. Both big cats were out and we did a Upper Basin Loop, Schaeller, Elk Trail/Pole Flats Coleman, Dawson Swift and Boulder Creek..  



Next Meeting  Tuesday February 13 at 7 PM.  At Faith  Presbyterian Church, 200 S Kentucky Ave. East Wenatchee. This is real close to Cal’s house, so if you get lost, follow him. 

The club stands ready to receive your dues. Either by mail or at the meeting.  Thank you current members. 


Questions, Contact Jim at 509 860 3980

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Good Evening:

Our Cats were out today and groomed Schaeller Rd, Upper Basin Loop, Pole Flats and the Elk Trail.  We also groomed all of Naneum Ridge Rd, East, Middle and West.  We also cleared the Clear Lake Parking Lot.  Enjoy the Weekend!

September, October, November, DECEMBER! and SNOW.  Last Season was amazing and we put lots of hours on the groomers.  That means lots of maintenance and repair over the summer.  The BR350, The big yellow cat, is getting new track belts.  Your dedicated team has finished one belt, and we are waiting on parts for the next one.  This is hard work and we appreciate what the guys are doing. 

Rumor has it that we may have a different BR350 in the stable soon. Watch for pictures of Cal's new baby.(if it happens) 


Riding & maintaining the Stemilt/Colockum Snowmobile Trail System

Club meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, October-March, 7pm in the Awaken Church building. 2 Fifth Street, Wenatchee.

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Apple Country Snowmobile Club was founded in 1973 by a group of snowmobile enthusiasts and friends in Wenatchee, Washington. This group of people saw an opportunity to make friends as they enjoyed their favorite wintertime activity. They also saw it was important for the people who use the trails to help in taking care of and advocating for them. And so the club was born! And has been running continuously ever since. Annual parties (with a time out for covid) up at the Microwave Station at the top of Mission Ridge get everyone out together for riding, activities and hot dogs. Regular Tuesday meetings during the winter months encourage friendships and riding buddies, as well as take care of club business. Historically, a summertime gathering of the club took place to celebrate and share stories.

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